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The Heatio Energy
Challenge Group

Together, we are transforming the future of home energy


Clean & Affordable Energy For Everyone

Want a more sustainable, affordable, and eco-friendly home? You’re not alone. More people than ever before want to transform their home energy systems – not only because it’s the right thing to do but because spiralling energy bills are having a painful impact on budgets. However, fuel poverty is on the rise, and many families can’t afford to make sustainable choices when it comes to heating and powering their homes.

Affordable Energy
Solutions for All

The Heatio Energy Challenge Group is changing this picture. This community of energy changemakers is a place to exchange big ideas and get exclusive access to energy-saving technology and discounts. The group champions real energy consumers and challenges manufacturers, energy suppliers, and decision-makers to deliver affordable solutions that benefit everyone.

When you’re struggling to pay your energy bills, you can’t afford to spend thousands of pounds on energy-saving home upgrades.
A range of government and industry schemes are focused on simplifying information around energy-saving technology, making it more accessible and understandable. This is a positive step, but it misses the key point –  to accelerate real change, sustainable choices have to be affordable. If consumers can’t afford the solutions on offer, positive change stops before it gets started.

Sustainable Energy

What is the Heatio Energy Challenge Group?

We’re putting the people most impacted by rising energy costs in the driving seat.

The Heatio Energy Challenge Group is a community of energy-conscious consumers from across the UK. It’s completely free to join and provides a space to discuss energy challenges and access expert advice as well as opportunities to take part in energy-saving challenges and to enjoy discounted products, materials, and installations. Importantly, the community acts as a buying group, challenging the status quo and coming together to drive down the cost of energy-saving technology and solutions.  

How is the Heatio Energy Challenge Group Changing the Energy Industry?

The Heatio Energy Challenge Group is more than a space to share big ideas – we’re committed to having a real impact on real energy bills, and to do that, we need to bring the industry to the table. Here are three ways we’re shaping the energy industry:

User Testing

  We provide a unique testing environment to assess the real cost of technologies and solutions – offering manufacturers a competitive opportunity to supply solutions to challenge group members.

Tech Innovations

We create a space for cutting-edge solutions and technology providers to safely trial and test innovative products.

Consumer Feedback

We share the real voice of consumers – bringing together a wide range of experiences and challenging the engineering community to deliver low-cost, practical solutions that work for all types of families.

Why join the Heatio Energy Challenge Group?

Want to be part of our industry-changing collective? Here are the biggest reasons to sign up today:

  • Completely free to join

  • Explore and share energy-saving tips, advice, and experiences across our social communities

  • Take part in exclusive trials of energy-saving technologies and solutions

  •  Join energy-saving challenges to expand your understanding of key issues in the sustainability sector

  • Access exclusive discounts on sustainable products, materials, technologies, and installations

  • Support more affordable and accessible energy-saving solutions for everyone

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