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Oswestry - Thermal Battery Installation

Experiencing the energy-saving benefits of a recently installed solar system, Mr Jones wished to upgrade his hot water performance to make use of the excess solar energy for a greener way of meeting his hot water needs.

Project Type


Location: Oswestry

Building Type: 4 Bedroom Detached House

Installation Date: June 2023

Technology Installed: Sunamp Thermino 


Project Background

  • Customer: Eco-Conscious Homeowner

  • Current Hot Water Solution: Combi boiler 

  • Renewable technologies used:

    • 4kW Solar Panels

    • 10kW Solar Battery

  • Current energy usage: No electricity used from the National Grid since solar technology was installed in early May 2023

  • Objective: To enable the use of excess solar energy to produce hot water


The Challenge


Looking to be independent of energy companies due to the rise in energy prices and the impact of fossil fuels, homeowner Mr Graham Jones has been making energy-efficient improvements to his detached home in Oswestry. 


Since installing solar panels on the roof of his property in May 2023, Mr Jones has been utilising clean, renewable electricity generated by the solar system to power his appliances and lighting but was still relying on his gas combi boiler to deliver his heating and hot water.


After experiencing the energy-saving benefits of his solar system, Mr Jones wished to upgrade his hot water performance to make use of the excess solar energy for a greener way of meeting his hot water needs.


The Solution


Home Energy Technology Specialist, Heatio, was selected to deliver a technology that would offer an environmentally friendly and space-saving way to heat water utilising the surplus energy produced from the homeowner’s Solar PV.

Upon an initial assessment of the property and Mr Jone’s energy usage, a Sunamp Thermino Thermal Battery was selected to be installed alongside the existing solar panel system to create a low-carbon home that would provide Mr Jones with more control over his energy consumption. 

Utilising the Sunamp Thermino negates the need for burning fossil fuels such as oil or gas and is powered by the free electricity generated by the solar panels, saving the homeowner even more on his energy bills, while delivering the option to switch back to the hot water being produced from the combi boiler.


In periods where low solar power has been generated, the Thermino ePV heat battery will use off-peak electricity from the grid to top up the charge automatically when required, delivering greater flexibility for Mr Jones.


Keen to also save space, Mr Jones was looking for an alternative solution to a traditional hot water cylinder. Up to four times smaller, the Sunamp Thermino 210 ePV proposed the ideal fit, freeing up valuable storage space in the home.

The Results


Fast and easy to install in just one day, the Sunamp battery delivers mains pressure hot water on demand while dramatically reducing the amount of gas or electricity used to make hot water.


Based on today’s fuel costs Mr Jones is expected to save as much as 1000kWh per year, equivalent to cutting electricity bills by £250 a year at today’s prices, by using the new Thermino battery.


Further cost savings are projected as the Sunamp Thermino requires no mandatory annual maintenance, unlike gas boilers and unvented cylinders.


Key features

  • Space-saving – up to 4 x smaller than the hot water cylinder it replaces

  • Free hot water– stores surplus energy from solar PV that would be otherwise lost back to the grid

  • Lower heat loss – up to 4 x higher energy efficiency

  • Low heat losses – from only 0.48 kWh a day

  • High flow rate hot water

  • Instantaneously heated for hygiene and freshness

  • No mandatory annual maintenance

  • Market-leading 10-year warranty on the heating element


Connected, Optimised Technology


As Mr Jones continues to make green improvements and embrace new ways of generating his home energy, Heatio will soon offer the ability for his technology to be connected and optimised via the Heatio Home Energy Management System (HEMS).

The Heatio HEMS will allow Mr Jones the optimisation, control and flexibility of connected technologies in his home. Giving him the ability to simply monitor his electricity usage and control the operation of his devices to maximise his energy usage.

Heatio Home Energy Management System

For example, the HEMS will allow Mr Jones to control his solar panels, combined with the recently installed thermal battery, to ensure his electricity is used efficiently, giving him the option to run his appliances and hot water when the sun is shining and energy tariffs are low.

The Heatio Home Energy Management System will soon be available in 2024.


Why Heatio


Mr Graham Jones, homeowner:


“I would recommend Heatio for their quick response times and personal one-to-one service. They offer competitive pricing and provide a quick installation with a pleasant service.”

  • Quick response times 

  • Local to home location

  • Personal one-to-one service

  • Quick, worry-free installation

  • Competitive Pricing


Find out more about Sunamp Thermal Batteries

Power in Numbers

Expected to save as much as 1000kWh per year

Up to 4 x smaller than the hot water cylinder 

Installation carried out in 1 day

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