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BEIS’ Heat Pump Ready - Phase 1 Competition Winners Announced.

Heatio announced as the project partner of energy supply and solutions provider E.ON in the Government’s BEIS Heat Pump Ready programme.

This exciting project will run from July 22 to December 22; during this period, Heatio and E.ON will be working alongside Newcastle City Council and Northern Powergrid to develop the innovative methods including energy modeling and heat as a service to increase uptake of heat pumps across the Newcastle region.

“We’re proud to be part of this hugely important project to help the industry better understand how we can continue to get heat pumps into customers’ homes as efficiently and effectively as possible. Feasibility projects such as this one are crucial if we’re going to install the number of heat pumps needed to meet the UK’s net zero targets”
Michael Lewis, Chief Executive of E.ON UK

Heatio Heat Pump Ready

Heatio will also be launching our Heat Pump Ready energy modeling solution, which aims to transform domestic energy usage and prepare homes for the installation of a heat pump.

BEIS Heat Pump Programme

Phase 1 of the E.ON Heat Pump Ready project also aims to target areas of Newcastle with capacity for large-scale heat pump roll-out and help Northern Powergrid to identify areas where grid upgrades may be necessary. Eight areas of the city will be analysed to determine the best ones to ensure heat pump deployment at scale. This includes innovative solutions for future surveys using drone and laser scanner technology to create a digital twin of a customer’s home and garden.

This approach serves to reduce the surveying time massively and disruption to a customer’s day, as well as offer right-first-time data capture, improving the accuracy of heat pump design and specification for customers. This will remove some barriers for consumers to installing heat pumps.

Simon Roberts, Heatio CEO

Heat pumps are a key solution for decarbonising homes and will be critical for meeting the UK’s commitment to achieving net-zero by 2050. The Heat Pump Ready Programme supports the development of innovative solutions across the heat pump sector and will explore how heat pumps can be installed sustainably and cost-effectively. Work will also be completed to ensure that the UK electricity network is ready for the wide-scale rollout of heat pumps.

Heatio Founder Simon Roberts said,

“We are delighted to have been awarded this project and look forward to working alongside the team at E.ON to develop new and innovative ways to carry out large-scale heat pump deployment. It's an incredibly exciting time for the heat pump sector, and we are thrilled to have been selected to address the challenge of getting the UK Heat Pump Ready.”

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