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Gas boiler lobby trying to delay UK’s heat pump plans - our thoughts.

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It was recently announced that lobbyists for the gas boiler industry are trying to delay the introduction of new government measures to speed up the take-up of heat pumps, according to an article published by the Guardian in July 2023.

As an advocate of renewable technology and addressing climate change, Simon Roberts, Heatio Co-Founder & Managing Director shares his thoughts:

"The resistance from the gas boiler lobby against the UK's heat pump plans is disappointing but not surprising. While it is essential to consider the concerns of various stakeholders, including the gas boiler industry, it is crucial to prioritise the greater public good and long-term environmental sustainability.

It is natural for industries to protect their interests. However, the transition to heat pumps and other renewable technologies is a critical step in addressing climate change and building a sustainable future. In the UK we are still continuing to install 1.7m boilers each year, unlike our European counterparts who are way ahead on the transition to Heat Pumps, having already fitted 20 million, compared to the UK’s 400,000.

Countries like Norway have already switched 64% of their homes, Sweden 43% and Finland 41%. The UK is in last place, which makes the huge impact of rising gas prices inevitable, as we saw in 2022. Protectionist views like this are short-sighted and irresponsible.

Collaboration and a shared commitment to environmental change is vital to achieve a cleaner and more resilient energy system. It is therefore understandable that the lack of sufficient action from the government to support the transition to heat pumps puts extra pressure on boiler companies moving into the industry.

However, delaying the speed of heat pump uptake is not the answer. This will only serve the gas industry and hinder the advancement of renewable solutions for decarbonising heat and hot water in the UK, leaving us still last in Europe."

For more information on the announcement, you can read the Guardian article here.

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