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Heatio Founder to speak at Green Tech Conference

Heatio CEO speaks at Green Tech Conference

Heatio founder Simon Roberts has been confirmed as one of the speakers at this years Green Tech Conference in Manchester.

Greater Manchester is committed to becoming the world’s first zero carbon region by 2038. That huge ambition brings with it exciting opportunities for innovation, upskilling and economic growth. pro-manchester’s Green Tech Conference will welcome a wide range of companies developing innovative new technologies to lower emissions, reduce our carbon footprint and improve our environment.

With over 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Simon has been a driving force in transitioning consumers to low-carbon technologies and environmentally friendly building solutions. Simon identified the need for a data-driven home energy improvement and technology optimisation solution.

Throughout the day there will be talks from innovators, professional advisors, policymakers and training providers alongside panel discussions to understand how everyone can benefit from these developments.

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