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Heatio Heat Pump installation challenging the status quo

Heat Pump Installations

Our latest Heat Pump installation is challenging the core principals of domestic Heat Pump installations.

Installed in a retrofit capacity, we have utilised the new Samsung HTQ, to design a High Temperature installation with no changes to the existing heating system within the property. The installation has also received MCS Certification after being subject to an on site assessment, including assessment of the design conditions.

By designing a system to provide space heating at 55 Degrees C, none of the existing radiators had to be changed. With the installation being commissioned on the 30th November 2022, it was then put to the test during a decidedly chilly first half of December. Many of us have seen snow, ranging from a dusting to disruptive levels. Practically all of us saw plenty of frosty mornings, whilst the heat pump worked away delivering more than enough warmth for the home.

Heatio Managing Director Simon Roberts commented,

“The goal of this installation was to prove that Heat Pumps can be a direct boiler replacement, like any other heat source. Sian needed a new boiler but wanted to go for something more sustainable and started the journey of getting quotes for heat pumps which ranged from £7,000 to £10,000 even with the boiler upgrade scheme. This was simply not an option and Sian reached out to Heatio to see if we could help. We worked within her budget and agreed on a plan to upgrade the system over the next 5 years including the addition of a Sunamp hot water system to replace the old cylinder, monitoring to see which radiators actually need upgrading. With over 30 years combined experience, Heatio have seen and monitored plenty of installations and we know first hadn’t how many customers simply can’t afford the capital cost of a whole system upgrade. Our approach of delivering cost effective, convenient, and customer friendly controls, challenges the status quo of the industry and we will continue to prove this with our Energy Challenge Group Members.

Heatio Energy Challenge Group member, Sian Braybrook said of the install "We are absolutely delighted with our installation, it was quick and painless. To be completely honest we haven't noticed a difference between our old heating system and our new one, everything is exactly the same and runs in the same way, we haven't had to change a thing. The cost of installing the new Heat Pump system was far less than we had heard and we plan on installing two new radiators as we decorate our bedrooms in the summer, which will make our system even more efficient. We couldn't be happier."

The free to join Heatio Energy Challenge Group allows consumers to be the first to receive this next generation of low cost installations.

The Energy Challenge Group is full for 2023, but to be the first to join for 2024 click here.

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